We are Kiwe Studio!

Kiwe Studio is both a graphic design studio and an artistic studio. And then, you will ask yourselves: “Hold on, what do you do exactly?” Graphic design or art?”.

We are simply a creative studio. You can find us in La Riera Street, in the historic city centre. In 2018, La Generalitat de Catalunya declared this street as “Punt d’interès artesanal” (Artisanal Point of Interest) giving value to the craft activities that are carried out in Vic and have become the craft benchmark in Catalonia. One of our distinctive traits is that we always use hand-crafted techniques in all our fields (illustration, lettering and calligraphy) so the designs can be more tangible and real. A més, disposem d’un taller de serigrafia artesana, en el qual oferim serveis d’estampació amb productes sostenibles tant per a reproducció comercial com per a obres seriades. We offer ecological and sustainable screen printing services.

If you want to know more about our studio we must introduce ourselves!

Elisabet Puigblanqué

Since I was a child, drawing was one of my passions. . I always carried my notebook to draw anything I liked or for taking drawing notes. In my teens I already knew I wanted to have a career on something related to art. I studied art, and later on I graduated in Graphic Design Advertising at Escola d’Art de Vic. I always try to take courses on painting because otherwise I’m always on the computer designing and I really like taking the pencil or brush and getting paint stains. Moreover, having Carles by my side, I have been able to learn more about screen printing techniques.
Apart from that, I love Theatre, and I have performed since I was nine years old. I always try to go to the theatre whenever I can. Apart from that, I love Theatre, and I have performed since I was nine years old. I always try to go to the theatre whenever I can. I also love reading before going to bed and recently I’ve started to sing in a Gospel choir.

Carles Gómez

When I was a child, every time I was asked this question: “What do you want to do when you grow up?” I always answered that I wanted to become a painter. However, my teacher told me that I would not make a profit selling paintings so I decided to study Graphic Design. Unfortunately, I was late to the enrollment due date so I had to go and study “Batxillerat Artístic” at Escola d’Art de Vic and later I was able to graduate in Graphic Design Advertising. After that, I went to Barcelona to study Illustration at Eina. From that point, my perspective on Graphic Design changed. I started to focus more on creativity and I implemented all the techniques I learnt at Kiwe Studio.
Furthermore, I come from a family that has always done martial arts. That is why my style is influenced by oriental cultures and oriental philosophy. I normally work in the Studio but I also teach Karate and Jiu Jitsu classes. I also like to take care of Bonsais. Music is a part of my life and I have been involved in several music combos. Moreover, I have also taken courses on Ceramics at Escola d’Arts de Vic.