Graphic design and illustration

Kiwe is a graphic design studio located in Vic As designers we look for the best way to represent and grow your own project. We are specialised in illustration, lettering and screen printing as it can be reflected in our designs.

Graphic design

We use traditional and handcrafted techniques which give our creations a fresh and natural result We adapt the creative process to your needs to make sure that the results are always clear, honest and human. At the end of the day, we have understood that being original means going back to the origin because it is where the essence and the truth of all projects lie.


In between art and graphic design, for us illustration is a tool for graphic expression It can be applied in advertising, in texts, in computer graphics… As part of our brand and our style we apply illustrations whenever a project needs it. We believe that images mean more than words.

But Kiwe Studio is much more than that…It is a creative studio -we like to call it a “Creative Motel”, a place where good ideas and creativity come to rest and gather strength-, where you will also find our personal artistic projects or a screen printing workshop. Come join us!

Handcrafted screen-printing

A technique that has become essential in our Studio. In our workshop we take care of all the details and finishes of each piece.

In Kiwe Studio, we are specialised in the reproduction of serial artworks and printing on fabrics using manual screen printing methods. We apply ecological water-based inks and we always opt for local products and suppliers making the whole process totally sustainable.

Art Studio

Our art studio is our space of freedom, where we give wings to creativity. Here you can find our work beyond our graphic design projects.

As creatives, we also need a space for free expression not linked to our daily work assignments. In our art studio we express our concerns graphically, trying to satisfy our creative needs. The work that naturally revolves around Graphic Design and Illustration, but it is also where all our interests resonate: Asian Culture, Martial Arts, Painting, Music and Literature. The result is a serial but unique work. Care to have a look?